SpurTech provides end-to-end services for embedded product design and development. Guided by a total commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, SpurTech is a source for both software and hardware design services. SpurTech helps its customers meet this demand, providing expert design and development services that accelerate time-to-market of high-quality embedded systems.

Team SpurTech is a talent pool with extensive experience in the space of Embedded systems design and development. With extensive knowledge in embedded hardware and firmware design, we can efficiently develop high quality and cost effective solutions to your embedded application.

Embedded System Design Services

  • IP (Intellectual Property) and core development for faster time-to-market
  • Embedded Software Development
  • Reference Designs
  • Circuit Board Designs
  • Re-engineering for cost reduction/obsolescence
  • Development of BSPs and Device Drivers
  • Development and Porting of Networking Protocols
  • Development of Wired and Wireless Stacks
  • Concept to product realization
  • Design for Manufacturing
  • FPGA/PLD based digital logic designs and IP cores





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