Today, businesses of all sizes face an increasing paradox. Demands are up. Budgets are flat. Neither reality is going away soon. The only feasible way to succeed is to invest wisely in areas that deliver a positive and rapid ROI.

IP telephony has proven to be a wise decision for many companies. The convergence of voice and data into a single, powerful network enables businesses to reduce costs, consolidate and simplify networks, and better serve customers.

Do these challenges sound familiar?

  •  Is it becoming too cumbersome and costly to manage separate voice and data networks?
  • Is it getting unwieldy to keep pace with moves, adds and changes at multiple locations?
  • Are your IT resources expected to deliver increased performance with fewer people and dollars?

Examine our 5-step process to IP telephony success below. Learn how IP telephony can help resolve the many business challenges you face today.

Step 1: Why IP Telephony?

Many businesses embark on an IP telephony path to lower costs, but the benefits associated with simplifying your network and becoming more efficient operationally are equally compelling.

IP networks can be significantly less expensive to operate and maintain. Its simplified infrastructure cuts costs by connecting IP phones over the LAN wiring system, thus eliminating dual cabling. Using the extra WAN bandwidth for IP telephony also leverages the untapped capabilities of your existing data infrastructure, maximizing the return on your current network investment.

Let's look at some of the tangible benefits of an IP telephony network.

Simplify Moves, Additions and Changes (MACs)
Telephone set moves, adds and changes become a matter of "plug and play" with IP telephony. There's no need to dispatch a technician or reprogram the system. The traditional voice database is effectively eliminated as the phone set now registers with the data network's DHCP database. Since each IP phone has a unique MAC address, the DHCP server recognizes the new IP address and re-associates the existing configuration profile with each MAC.

Create Bandwidth Efficiency
When telephone conversations are converted into IP packets, bandwidth efficiency is created because packets are only transmitted when they contain actual speech samples (referred to as silence suppression). Compression creates even greater efficiency. In many cases, companies can reduce the number of T1/E1s in their network, or significantly reduce the bandwidth required to transmit voice. IP telephony also can eliminate expensive toll charges on site-to-site calls by routing voice traffic over the WAN.

Converge Network Support
IP telephony networks lower support costs by improving technician efficiency. A converged network gives you fewer networks to manage, reduces training and certification time, centralizes management, and reduces travel.

Step 2: Business Justification

Your network can enhance collaboration and innovation. Or derail it. IP telephony networks enable lower overall costs while opening up new opportunities. Don't take our word for it. Run the numbers.

Use our quick and easy IP Telephony Business Case Tool now. See how much an IP telephony solution can reduce total cost of ownership. Get an ROI and payback analysis and learn the real value of IP telephony for your organization.

Step 3: Consider Your Options

Businesses cannot afford to be locked in. They need flexibility. Options. Choices. Whether you decide to optimize your current infrastructure, start fresh with a pure IP solution or incrementally add IP telephony where it provides the biggest benefits, Nortel Networks makes sure your options are wide open.

Generally, your options fall into three main categories:

  • Digital telephony: Highly functional for both brand new and growing businesses, this solution provides advanced applications, intelligent phones and features that meet the most demanding business objectives. It also has a built-in and seamless migration path to IP telephony.

  • IP-enabled telephony: A solution that blends IP telephony with traditional analog and digital technology to provide flexible and cost-effective options. Get a solution that makes sense for your business. Preserve your existing system and deliver innovative and cost-effective IP solutions to traditional business communications.

  • Pure IP: Full-featured telephony services and support for the newest technologies, all delivered over reliable, high-performance IP networks. Revolutionize your communications with a pure IP initiative and software and hardware solutions that extend the power of integrated applications to every desktop.

Beyond IP telephony is the ultimate flexibility of a truly converged network. This wholly integrated communications infrastructure extends your reach with capabilities that span customer-facing to cost-controlling - from the edge of your network to its core.

Step 4: Use Planning Guides

IP telephony solutions require careful planning, regardless of your time line and strategy. Use the complementary operational guides below as tools to help you address core convergence issues.

IP Telephony: Project Definition Guide

This guide steps you through the process of identifying and documenting key requirements, including applications and clients, network infrastructure, management tools and security.

IP Telephony: Network Evaluation and Risk Assessment Guide

Understand requirements for successfully transitioning to the enhanced capabilities of a converged network. Evaluate your current infrastructure's capabilities and assess the potential impact of a converged network.

IP Telephony: Deployment and Implementation

Establish standard procedures independent of the type of implementation planned. Get the guidance you need to establish metrics, validate and test your designs, develop a pilot program and implement production.

Step 5: Request a FREE Quote

The final step to IP telephony success is to consult with experienced professionals and receive a quote. A no-obligation consultation with an authorized Nortel Networks business partner can save you time and resources, no matter your time line or the complexity of your initiative.

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