These days it is more important than ever to protect your vital data. As paperless technology information processing becomes more widespread, the information value of your successful business activities becomes increasingly vulnerable. Therefore, it becomes necessary to utilize secured encryption algorithms which provide reliable information protection and do not allow criminals to get access to your data.

Our group specializes in the information security systems development in the following areas

  • Enterprise Security
  • Protection of Telecommunications
  • Secure Document Management
  • Protection of intellectual property rights
  • Desktop security
  • Protection of E-commerce
  • Protection of rights of producers and customers against counterfeit
  • Other security applications

Enterprise Security Services

  • Design, development and maintenance of integrated information security systems
  • Development of software that protects information from unauthorized access
  • Tools for cryptographic information protection for desktop and geographically distributed corporate systems
  • Development of adaptive control tools for network security (protectability analysis stems, attack revealing systems, and firewalls)
  • Development of secure e-mail and web-traffic content control tools




Media & Entertainment


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