SpurTech’s Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Road Map

In today’s world, it is critical for businesses to align technology with business goals to achieve competitive advantage, efficiencies and effectiveness. Many IT organizations still struggle to accommodate the ever-changing business requirements that mandate increased customer responsiveness and operational efficiency. SpurTech is committed to enabling enterprises to achieve faster time to value by driving compatibility across the application infrastructure through open standards and service-oriented architecture (SOA).

SOA is a standards-based organizational and design methodology that more closely aligns IT with business processes using a collection of shared services on a network. Using standard interfaces that help mask the underlying technical complexity of the IT environment, SOA enables greater re-use of IT assets. This results in more rapid development and more reliable delivery of new and enhanced business services.

Today, organizations that have adopted service-oriented environments are experiencing dramatic results, including increased revenues, increased customer satisfaction, lower operational costs, and higher returns on their existing technology investments.

SpurTech has both a vision and a roadmap to improve business responsiveness by simplifying enterprise standards and computing. SpurTech’s B2T Alignment- vision of aligning technology with business processes, is a free-flowing state of information and processes where entrenched barriers are removed, allowing IT to align directly with the business. Defined by enterprise compatibility, active adaptability and breakthrough productivity, B2T Alignment is designed to increase the speed of results from months to minutes.

Services Offered in the area of Web-Services

  • Web Services Assessment & Strategy
    SpurTech provides consulting services to organizations to help formulate a strategy that leverages the Web Services architecture based on a well-defined ROI. As part of these services, clients are offered a Web Services Pilot (WSP); WSP demonstrates business value & ease of implementation so that an enterprise can take well-informed decisions.

  • Application Transformation
    SpurTech offers services to transform existing applications such as ERP, CRM, SCM, Document Management, Knowledge Management and legacy systems into application web services. This is the first step towards achieving complete Internal Business Process Integration (IBPI) & External Business Process Integration (EBPI), leveraging the Web Services architecture.

    SpurTech has a complete end-to-end framework to implement IBPI and EBPI based on the Web Services architecture. Our framework is also capable of leveraging investments made in EAI.

  • Product Transformation
    SpurTech offers services that transform software products to support web services. We achieve this by leveraging our understanding of product architecture and expertise across multiple Web Services technologies and platforms.

  • Performance & Tuning
    Perhaps the biggest challenge with evolving and emerging technologies is to ensure consistent and superior performance. The abstraction layer brought in by Web Services demands additional processing and expertise. This often results in an inconsistent performance. SpurTech has extensive experience with various Web Services platforms and architectures, in both lab and production environments. This helps us deliver superior performance and tuning services to our clients.

Key Benefits

  • Application Maintenance
    Message broker based IBPI or EBPI leads to tight point-to-point integration - unlike in Web Services where integration is loosely coupled and changes in one application do not result in cascading changes across others. Hence the maintenance becomes simple, reducing the overall effort and cost.

  • Interoperability
    Over the years enterprises have invested in various systems and applications, built using multiple programming languages and component architectures. In addition, a majority of enterprises have grown through mergers and acquisitions, which bring in completely different systems & processes.
    Web Services are based on open standards specially built to abstract the communication between any system or application, irrespective of the underlying language or architecture used.

  • Ease of Personalization & Customization
    The ability to deliver personalized service and customized application tools is key to achieving a high level of productivity and satisfaction across different enterprise stakeholders. Web services' dynamic binding feature along with additional XML based parameterization of application & interfaces, facilitates mass personalization and customization.

Technologies and Development Approach

  • Java
    We have established a strong understanding of J2EE application servers. SpurTech's technology labs are currently conducting detailed experimentation with recently released Java APIs that provide integral support for XML.

  • BEA
    SpurTech has expertise in BEA WebLogic Application server 6.1, which supports Web Services through implementation of SOAP & WSDL.

  • IBM
    SpurTech has expertise on WebSphere Advanced Application Server version 4.0 which supports Web Services development through SOAP, WSDL & UDDI.

  • Microsoft .NET Framework
    SpurTech has established a competency center to excel in building Web Services architecture based applications using Microsoft's .NET framework. We have expertise in C#, Common Language Runtime, VB.NET, ASP.NET, COM/COM+, SOAP and .NET Enterprise servers such as BizTalk. SpurTech Application Architecture Lab is currently evaluating technology standards such as XLANG and HIS from Microsoft.




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