Who are your best customers? What can you do to retain them? How can you attract others like them? How can you improve the profitability of all your customers? The truth is that most companies have difficulty understanding and managing customer life cycles and profitability. This difficulty is due to problems designing and executing effective marketing campaigns, as well as problems measuring their effectiveness.

Business operates today at breakneck speed, and large marketing organizations must deliver and track sophisticated, event-driven marketing communications within increasingly tight timeframes.

Companies also struggle to coordinate outbound campaigns with inbound customer interactions, meaning that customer behavior often fails to trigger more timely communications.

To create customer and prospect profiles, identify your most profitable customers, optimize multi-channel communications and anticipate customer needs, marketers need the ability to:


  • Create customer intelligence from the mountains of disconnected customer data the company collects on a daily basis.
  • Apply that intelligence to create the ideal marketing mix or channel distribution and execute more targeted, effective inbound and outbound campaigns.
  • Measure the value of those campaigns and feed that information back into the planning process.

SpurTech Customer Intelligence comprises a family of solutions that help you maintain and grow profitable customer relationships. These fully integrated and extendable solutions truly give you the knowledge to interact with the right customers at the right time, through the right channel.





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